Danielle's Endometriosis Story - Heavy Bleeding, Not Being Believed & Trying to Conceive

Danielle's Endometriosis Story - Heavy Bleeding, Not Being Believed & Trying to Conceive

Hi 👋🏼

My name is Danielle, I have suffered with endometriosis for about 9 years.

When I first discovered the pain it was an awful feeling, my periods would come and it would be heavy, constantly wearing pads and Tampax, I kept going to the doctors asking for help to be told it’s just IBS.

I explained this type of pain isn’t IBS, it’s something more than this, I would go days with bloating, pain which was severe, and bleeding non-stop.


I ended up going through different appointments to be shrugged off by the doctors and hospital, until 2017 they finally decided that they would get me in for a laparoscopy but before this I had to try Zoladex, which helped the pain but was only for short period of time.

I was then told late 2017 I wouldn’t be able to conceive, and in actual fact if I did it would be a slim chance.

Hearing that at the age of 23 it destroyed me, I broke down, I thought all my dreams that I had wished for was gone.


Then my miracle came I was told not to be on any contraception as it wouldn’t make a difference and even with taking the Zoladex injections I became pregnant.

I was shocked, surprised, excited but so nervous at the same time, 1000 questions were going through my head, is this real? Could this be true?


Finally after scans and appointments, I was carrying my beautiful baby girl, who I went onto have in 2018.

After giving birth the bleeding and symptoms came back fast and hard.

I kept saying to my doctors from 2018 up until present please I need help, I need medication or a laparoscopic surgery to see what’s happening!


After pushing for months and months I had an ultrasound and an MRI which showed nothing, my consultant said, I’d rather you change contraception (as I’ve been on the depo injection since 2018) than going for surgery as it’s pointless - I can’t see anything.

I pushed and pushed and finally got surgery in July 2023, where they found a lot of endometriosis, my appendix got removed, my ovaries were repositioned and it was taken away from my pelvis and around my urethra tubes. They also had to go through to my cervix to be able to scrape the rest of it.


Please to anyone suffering, as hard as it is, keep going, keep pushing. You know your body. Dont stop until you get answers 💛


- Danielle

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