Shelby's Endometriosis Story - Not Being Heard, Getting a Diagnosis & Advice on Finding the Right Doctor

Shelby's Endometriosis Story - Not Being Heard, Getting a Diagnosis & Advice on Finding the Right Doctor

March of last year I underwent a diagnostic laparoscopy, followed by an excision laparoscopy in September where they did a right oophorectomy (removal of my right ovary).

Last year I was officially diagnosed with Endometriosis and PCOS. I was diagnosed after 9 years of chronic pain and repetitive symptoms.


After 9 years of being unheard. After 9 years of being passed from doctor to doctor, from specialist to specialist. After 9 years of being repetitively misdiagnosed. After 9 years of doctors, friends, and family downplaying and gaslighting my pain. After 9 years of going to to therapy for feeling crazy, for being told I am seeking medication and attention. After 9 years of guilt for just wanting help. After 9 years of feeling my like my journey to diagnosis was a burden to doctors.

I have struggled with chronic endometriosis symptoms for 10 years. It was only after all of those years of trauma that a doctor looked at me and saw how badly I was in need of advocacy from a medical standpoint.


Being diagnosed gave me such relief in a sense of being right about my health for all of those years. I knew something was attacking my body, I felt so validated with these diagnoses. I cried tears of sadness and fear, but also tears of joy and relief. 

But a diagnosis isn't the end, It's only the Beginning.

As Endometriosis has no cure.


I think my biggest advice would be truly understanding what endometriosis is and all of the side effects. I found being able to speak analytically with doctors helped them better understand exactly what I was trying to say. I think it’s important to understand not all doctors have the answers you need. It took me a while to understand that one doctor can’t fix all of my issues. And after all the medical trauma, it was hard to trust a new one. But it ultimately was the right choice.

- Shelby (@sincerellyshellby on all socials)

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